If you're applying for your CCDW and wish to track your progress or, if you have questions about applying for a Delaware CCDW, post here.
 #107986  by jason.hooker1
I'm a newer resident and had the required number of affidavits though nine of them for 5 yrs as that's not possible in my case. Everything else is to the T. My experience at the prothonotary was similar to others though I was also informed vapes are prohibited and turned back to my car. Otherwise I was given the typical 6 month expectation and sent on my way.

Hoping it comes sooner. Frustrating thing is that I could carry until I got a DE DL and can still carry most places I travel with the other permits I have, but not in my new home state for the time being.

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 #108326  by jason.hooker1
Had to come back to toss to see when I filed. Still haven't heard or seen anything yet. Hope it's soon as I need my DE permit to renew my UT in August

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