If you're applying for your CCDW and wish to track your progress or, if you have questions about applying for a Delaware CCDW, post here.
 #109529  by California_Exile
Looks like last year New Castle County CCDW renewals took around 60-80 days. Several people posted that they turned in renewal papers around the end of January, got the new cards in late March or early April.

I'll go first for 2017: Turned my renewal papers in today, 2/1, was told it would be mailed to my house. (I wonder if the judge knows that the very nice young lady behind the counter in the Prothonotary's office is promising renewals to people. :lol: )

I'll post when (if) the renewal arrives.
 #109692  by California_Exile
Much faster renewals this year than last, it seems. My renewal arrived in the mail yesterday, 2/22. Cover letter was dated 2/16, envelope was postmarked 2/17. No idea why it takes five days, even with a Sunday and a holiday, for a letter to get across the county, but whatever.
 #109693  by NCC
Good to know, thanks!