If you're applying for your CCDW and wish to track your progress or, if you have questions about applying for a Delaware CCDW, post here.
 #4972  by dave_in_delaware
Well, I thought I'd start a thread on places to go for the gun course requirement for the CCDW License. Please add your suggestions to this thread and I'll update the first post (list) here.... If you know the schedule, cost, length of time, etc please post it, too. Thanks!

Note: places in blue indicate DELOC members! Please consider them first!

Delaware Patriot
web site
$225 or $200 for active DELOC Members.
This course includes both the NRA Basic Pistol and the CCDW Content.
Total course duration: ~14 hours.

Course Description: The State of Delaware requires a training course for Delaware residents who seek to obtain a license to conceal their firearm. An extension to our NRA Basic Pistol Training Course, this course continues on to satisfy the requirements found in Delaware State Code, Title 11, § 1441(a)(3). Additionally, training for presenting your firearm from the holster and advanced self-defense training is provided.
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus
Civilian Firearms Course
21 hours (3 evening hours/week for 7 weeks)
web link
(302) 454-3956

Description: This course covers types of firearms and ammunition, firearms safety, basic marksmanship, civilian combat shooting, handguns, firearms law and liabilities, care and cleaning of firearms and qualifications course. Designed for the deadly weapons permit holder or anyone who is or will be applying for the weapons permit. Course approved by the state attorney general and complies with DE H.B. 446.
Diamond State Firearms Training
(Sussex County, DE)
(302) 645-2418
web site

Course Description:
Shooter's Choice
5105 N DuPont Hwy
Dover, DE 19901
email: info@shooterschoicede.com
$249.00 per person

The course includes, but is not limited to the following:
- The Required points as Mandated by Delaware Law
- Scenarios
- Class Discussions
- Judgmental Situations
- Gun maintenance
Your payment and qualification reserves your seat.
255 Wilmington/West Chester Pike
Chadds Ford PA 19317
(302)529-5600 or (610)459-5400
web site

Course Description:
 #4977  by George
Shooter's Choice....

 #4981  by dave_in_delaware
Thanks for the complete info, George! Added "Shooter's Choice" to the list (and cut-n-pasted his info into the main list)....
 #5295  by Wynder
We can schedule it to your needs... if it's a small class, we can probably bang it out in a day. If you want to split it up over a weekend, or across a few different evenings, that's doable as well.
 #5306  by Wynder
Angry Inch wrote:Personally, I'd prefer one day- long day, though.

Even two is fine.
Those are always fun... when you're ready, let me know. DELOC member cost is $175 instead of $225. I'll need a bit of lead time to order materials, but outside of that, pick a day that's good for you and we'll see if we can't schedule something.
 #5314  by Wynder
Not at all.. the first part of the class is the NRA Basic Pistol Course which pretty much starts at scratch. Between that and the Advanced Concealed second part, you'll get the full knowledge and hands on training you need to safely handle your firearm and learn techniques to continue your education and accuracy once the class is done. :)
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