If you're applying for your CCDW and wish to track your progress or, if you have questions about applying for a Delaware CCDW, post here.
 #61510  by bluedog46
JayAlex wrote:Is there a required amount of time or days for a course. For example Trintac's course is two days 5 hours, if I'm not mistaken whereas First State Fire Arms Training is one day 6-8 hours.

In addition has anyone heard of or used http://www.Firststatefirearmstraining.com ???
My wife, myself and a few other members here ( ill let them chime in if they wish) took our course with Dave at first state firearms. Overall I found it to be a good course. It might not be for everyone depending on their level of experience, but Dave has had one person turned down and I think that person died before the permit was approved ( no joke)

I have actually thought about taking another course on an audit level ( if any do that) because it never hurts to learn more.
 #67531  by FSFT_Jeff
While I agree that you should not base your choice purely on price and length of class alone, this applies to both ends of the spectrum. While choosing a course with the shortest amount of time without also reading reviews from actual customers, etc... is ill-advised, selecting the longest, most expensive course does not necessarily mean higher quality instruction.

For example, some folks incorrectly inform customers of the requirements for a Delaware Concealed Carry of a Deadly Weapon (CCDW) Permit in an effort to raise the cost and extend the length of their class (or perhaps due to a lack of knowledge on the subject). If you ask me, that would be a dis-service to the student.

The requirements for obtaining such a permit are clearly outlined in Delaware State Code and include the exact topics that are to be covered in an accepted course.
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Just finished my concealed carry course,did the one day course with Marino Tactical in Lincoln De. (302-542-4613) Kirk , in my opinion, is an excellent instructor who does not rush the class and covers all required aspects of conceal carry.
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How long is a CCW course good for before you apply???
 #99198  by Red Alert
Thanks. Looks like I'll need to retake the course...
 #99200  by photog
There is no need to retake the course unless you choose to. Simply contact the company who did your training and show them the original notarized certificate. They should issue you a new one at no charge.
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Personal Armament Consulting

I've been teaching this course for over a year now, as some of our members know, and thought I'd add my name to the list. My partner and I teach a 1 day course that typically lasts 10 hours. This includes De and Multi-state certifications.
If a student doesn't have time to shoot that day, accommodations are made. The cost is $200 for just the De class and $225 if the Multi-state class is also desired. The multi-class option includes pics and finger printing.
Topics covered include everything De requires plus:
Ammo selection-What works and what to avoid.
Holster selection- What works and what doesn't for males and females.
Firearm modifications-The dos and don't's.
De-escalation techniques, Threat Management, and After The Fight-What to say and what not to say.
+ much more.
Lunch and beverages for the day are included.
Contact John
Ph. 302.373.3237
E-Mail Parmamentconsulting@gmail.com
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Just noticed this thread for the first time. Got sticker shock.

My state, the required classes run 0 - 85, Florida or Utah, they charge extra 25 or so. Depending on where you take the class, sometimes range charges (minimum accuracy is 70% in target at 3-5-7 yards, 10 shots at each distance)

Fingerprints, picture, and "fees" are about maybe 100 or so. I forget exactly, it's been over a year.

No newspaper 'b's'

Didn't mean to derail, just comparing.
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