If you're applying for your CCDW and wish to track your progress or, if you have questions about applying for a Delaware CCDW, post here.
 #101747  by Boots
porsche060 wrote:Perfect.. Only question left is payment method.. Does a CC or Cash work?
Don't recall... I just paid $20 cash.
 #101793  by mrjam2jab
porsche060 wrote:Perfect.. Only question left is payment method.. Does a CC or Cash work?

Cash or Money Order
 #102479  by porsche060
Does anyone think the PA elections (new anti-gun governor) will have an effect on current CCW issuance to out of state residents in 2015 and going forward?
 #106900  by wanderingmind25
Is anyone aware of any changes in the last year on this subject? I work a 8-5 Mon-Fri so walk in is a bit difficult so was thinking of mailing in. Per discussions, I reviewed Lancaster County. Is this still the recommended place to apply?

Any requirements I am missing?

1. Fill out Application
2. photo copy DE Drivers/CCDW License
3. $20 cash or money order

Do they need a passport style photo like the one I needed for my DE CCDW?

Lancaster's site doesn't seem give much info on mail-in's
 #106901  by GatorDude
I don't believe you can get a LTCF in PA by mailing in your application or renewal, etc. I believe you must appear in person. No photos required.
 #106902  by myopicvisionary
They take your photo at the Sheriff's office at the time of application or renewal.
 #110224  by Senn1971
From Lancaster County, Pa. Sheriff's Office Web site.

"License to Carry Permit Changes​
​Effective June 1, 2017
​​On Thursday, June 1, 2017, the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office will no longer issue License to
Carry Permits on the same day we receive the application. You will be notified when approved
and given 30 days to pick-up your License to Carry Permit."

Guess I'll have to make 2 trips.
 #110225  by NCC
I would call and see if that applies to out of staters. If so, there are many counties in PA...
 #110244  by radnor
Could try Berks or Bucks Co. Both were 1 trip. Delaware Co (Media) 2 trips. Chester Co does not issue NR LTCF.

I went to Berks (Reading airport) a while ago.
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