Current events, goings-on in Delaware and anything else of interest here.
 #106238  by georgie c
as an addendum to my former post I want to say something about open carry in W.V. , We were standing in line at one of the finer eating establishments in Flatwoods W.V. ( Wendy's ) my Ruger 9mm open on my hip when I noticed several leo cars in the parking lot. I glanced behind and saw 2 stateies and 1 sheriff in line behind me. nothing was said and I didn't even get the Spock eye.
 #106250  by Kuntryboy816
georgie c wrote:.... Andrew (my son) and I got to meet some of the prepper clan chuck, kountryboy ,and others who's names I can't recall at the moment.
We are still prepping . more of the essentials we all know will be needed when the power goes out. lets all stay in touch.
question; anyone here good with c.b. or ham radio ?
Congrats on the land acquisition. I was just out in WV over Labor Day weekend. Awesome country and it was very hard to leave it behind.

I have a CB in the Jeep and I like to think I'm okay with it. My dad was a trucker for years and years until recently. I've picked up on some of the lingo that goeas along with that. 10 codes are pretty easy to remember the more frequently used ones and you can find a list of them pretty much anywhere on the interwebz. As far as ham radios go, I think they're pretty cool and I have a buddy that is into it. I haven't really gotten into it or have much knowledge about it but I think it's something I'd like to check into at some point in the near future.
 #106270  by Maintenance Guy
Congrats on the land and fixing the truck. I look forward to seeing you soon. I will be sending out anouther "please respond" memo and I guess we will take it from there. I'm not giving up on the interested parties. Please keep in touch and take care. BTW watch out for the shiney ford trucks also.. :D
 #106274  by Maintenance Guy
WOW That was mean... My poor little Ford wouldn't even fill up the hungry spot for that 5 ton.. But thats ok you have to catch me first.. :D
 #106301  by Kuntryboy816
georgie c wrote:I can hide it in the trees and jump out when I see you coming
....this is what I envisioned when I read your post!
 #106565  by rosco87
Dang georgie don't leave us!!!
 #106584  by georgie c
we all need to find a bug out location. I just hope I can get there when the time comes
 #106773  by Mac19701
Following up after several months .........
I agree it's crazy NOT to prepare but I struggle with the different philosophy sometimes. For those who focus on bug out bags, hidden stashes and prepper vehicles, I'm thinking that in order to implement that plan, it means you've already made the decision to walk away from your home fort and presumably everything you have there. That's a pretty serious decision.... Not that to can't happen but what would trigger such a drastic decision? I'm prepping to stay at home. Maybe I'm just looking at it the wrong way? Ur thoughts?
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