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 #111178  by Wynder
It only took 6 years! But I took some time and updated the Firearms Laws document at the top of our forums.

Please feel free to review it and suggest any edits or additions you feel may be necessary. Bear in mind, I'm looking to include things that are:

1) Related to the open or concealed carry of firearms.

2) Defines behavior that may be misrepresented, such as disorderly conduct.

3) Revolves around lawful/legal behavior -- I don't include statutes pertaining to criminal activity because the the purpose of this document is to support and educate others in the lawful and responsible carry of firearms.

Thanks, folks!
 #111250  by Kuntryboy816
Rob.. I went through the updated doc yesterday and I didn't see anything that jumped out at me in error.

1. Add commentary in the notes at the bottom addressing recent changes to historical laws/regulations such as the Dover ordinance against OC, DNREC regulation being overturned, etc.

Other than that, looks pretty much on point to me. Thanks for taking the time to do the update!