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 #112538  by claymore
I am doing comparisons on 2 legal defense insurance organizations I am currently aware of.
U.S. Lawshield and USCCA

for USCCA there are a few posts on this forum, mostly addressing the volumes of marketing and spam generated by that team. If that seems to be their focus in life, I wonder how comprehensive their insurance is?

It seems that US LawShield doesn't offer service to residents of Delaware at all.

So, do any members of the forum know of any other providers for legal defense support?
Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated.
 #113002  by JoannePullman
Every insurance company tries to survive as best it can. And the best tool for selling is marketing. So I understand those at USCCA. Although, I would recommend choosing U.S. Lawshield. A team of professionals that will help you with everything. My brother worked with them. Nowadays, every insurance company tries to offer you the best quote, just to choose them. I am now in the same dilemma. I want to apply for a 5 million dollar insurance policy, and it's hard for me to choose a company. I do my own research on the insurance blogs, but I also feel lost among many offers.