Current events, goings-on in Delaware and anything else of interest here.
 #112671  by soundman2345
It's really a shame that 95% of the posts I see on this forum are spam that gets reported. I miss the old days.
 #112672  by NCC
Relax Brother, the Democrats (corrected...sorry...habit) are back in the White House. Soon we will have much to pontificate on.

You want'em, come get'em.
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 #112673  by pick_six
Agree. Cleaning it up would be good. The spam posts, I mean.
 #112713  by pick_six
Yeah, even the mods/admin doesn’t come around much to blow away the trash.

Maybe that Facebook thing is going better. Haven’t checked in a while. The mrs is the Facebooker, I’ve just stayed away from opening an account.

Back to out regularly scheduled Chinese posts... or where every they’re coming from.
 #112714  by NCC
If this site is going to Failbook I would definitely like to know so that I can move on. I don't do Failbook so if that is where the action is I need to find someplace else to spend my time.
 #112739  by MrCoolDale
Yeah, I always enjoyed talking to everyone on here, but there's no way I'm going to Facebook. I left that wretched place years ago and have no interest in going back anytime soon.
 #112741  by dave_in_delaware
My apologies for letting the spam posts run rampant sometimes. It's not my intention to let them pile up. When a user makes a spam post, I ban their username and IP address. Then delete the post(s). Sadly, it does seem that there are more spam posts than regular member posts. I wish I knew how to prevent things like that happening, but I'm not the server admin, just a moderator.

Honestly, I don't check this forum daily like I used to. This thing called "real life" keeps getting in the way. A lot has happened with me in the last few years. Some good, some bad. But it all takes priority over "blowing away the trash."

As far as I know, we're NOT "moving" this site to FB. Our presence on FB is supposed to be merely an extension of this main site. I know that some people use the Facebook page exclusively, as many don't even know about this forum. Which is fine if it helps them learn about OC in DE, etc....

I'll try to keep up with the spam. I'm not sure if any other moderators are even checking this site or not.
 #112758  by NCC
Wow. Even the spammers stopped coming by here.