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 #112699  by roberttown
Hello guys, thought I should move this to a new thread. Folks keep repeating the same thing, that a progressive isn't good for reloading rifle rounds. I am a rookie; I'm wet behind the ears in the reloading world. And I have a progressive press that I am learning on. I don't have a shell feeder or a bullet feeder, so I am basically doing each round, one at a time. With all of this said, then what's the difference? My plan, even though I have a powder feed, is to take each casing out and measure my powder charge. I'm not loading thousands of rounds; probably no more than 20 at a time or so. And I'm not looking for competition-type accuracy. I just want a good hunting load, made with a premium bullet and reliable 100 yds. accuracy.

So what's the difference? I don't mean to sound cold here, too, but if we can, let's keep it to the facts, and not so much opinion? Thanks in advance!
 #112703  by Owen
I think progressive press is fine for rifle rounds. I use my progressive press for 300 Blackout and .223.