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 #112700  by Dante
Hey everyone, happy to have found the forum!

Im a long time gun owner but became more interested in carrying recently. I applied for my CCDW in the summer and that's where my question begins...

All my friends who took the class with me got their permits except for me. I even submitted mine 2 weeks before two of the others who have theirs as of last week. When should I start to worry that I'm not going to be issued one? secondly, can I check the status of my application somewhere? What would you do at this point?

Any help or even just reassurance would be great. Thank you all!
 #112701  by Boots
Was everyone in the class from the same county? That does make a difference.

Also, the order in which the apps are processed is a mystery so don't make any assumptions about that. Sometimes it seems to be 'first in - last out'. But, you will get an answer to your app in due time and my best advice is just to wait out the process, even though it does seem to take forever. MANY of us have been where you are now!

Best Wishes and welcome to the forum. While you wait browse around, there is a lot here!
 #112709  by NCC
No one can figure out why this process takes ~ 6 mos. to complete, but it does. Less than 1 MM people in Delaware yet you'd think there are 10 times that given how long this process takes. Listen to Boots, we've all been there Pal.
 #112759  by Dante
Thanks Boots and NCC! I appreciate the perspective offered and it did help me to feel better as I waited. Since my original post, I have since received my permit and am now a very happy camper! Thanks again.