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 #112760  by Dante
Hello again forum pals (apologies if this belongs in a different section of the forum). Im looking for some advice choosing a good concealed carry option. I know many of you here are open carry guys but id imagine you'd have an opinion on this as well. Im a slender guy and my current carry of a compact Glock, 40 cal, is really just too big for me (as I thought it might be for CC anyway). I like in the waist band holsters, currently have one from CrossBreed but have way too much printing going on.

Im considering either an M&P shield 9mm sub compact or a S&W "Bodyguard" (.380). Im open to other suggestions by the way, those just happen to be my top picks at the moments.

Would love anyone's opinion or recommendations. Thanks everyone!
 #112761  by josephjanes
I personally use a Ruger LCP for in-the-pocket carry. (Ruger now offers the LCP-II model, comes with a soft-side pocket holster). 380-cal., 6 or 7 round magazine (single stack). Similar to S&W Bodyguard. Good Luck !
 #112762  by NCC
My EDC for several years now has been a Beretta Nano 9MM with a Lasermax in a Kydex IWB holster. My BUG is a Kel-Tec P3AT Gen 1 in my front pocket.

Remember, some folks like Chevys and some like Fords. And then there is the Jeep crowd, but don't get me started.