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 #112831  by FredBaro
Has anyone waited the 6mos. for there CCW and not received? Any luck when calling? Thank You
 #113071  by josephjanes
What PA counties are issuing CCW to DE CCW holders ?
 #113078  by NCC
Sorry, only check here every week or so now a days. The closet one I know of is Berks County. Used to get mine in Lancaster while visiting a friend but they stopped issuing non-resident.
 #113083  by josephjanes
FYI- just made several calls. Closest PA county issuing out-of-state 'License to Carry Firearms' is York. Can apply online. Need to pick up in person.
NOT - Delaware, Chester, Berks, or Lancaster.
 #113084  by NCC
Yes, I was going to post this today, the York Cty. Sheriff responded to my email that he would if you have a DE license.