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While I do not own any of these (too lazy to put in the work really) I could not help but look at the law as I do every infringement on my rights. I am not a lawyer but couldn't one merely have their name engraved and Serial Number 0000001 engraved and then the receiver would be legal? Or am I over simplifying this?

Thank you!
 #112900  by NCC
Is this place really that dead? Or is this just the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?
 #112901  by soundman2345
Pretty much 98% spam any more.
 #112903  by pick_six
@ncc, dead. And zero mod presence to police things.

La vie.

But I never knew exactly how many resume writing service, Chinese junk, fake pee, local escort review, and other junk sites were out there, and attempting to post spam.

Gotta give kudos to the other sites I visit for the diligence of their trash policing.

I still peek in hoping… and I must admit, I like when @arianspeeder comes by with his flight pictures! They’re pretty awesome.
 #112904  by soundman2345
Adrianspeeder does post some cool pictures. I live in Magnolia and I'm always wondering if that's him flying over my house.
 #112923  by Boots
I agree with soundman and pick_six...

Nowadays, reporting the crap posts and spam is a waste of time since nothing is done to take out the trash anymore.

I think this site has 'jumped the shark,' which is sad to see. :(
 #112924  by NCC
Wow. I lost my hard drive 2 weeks ago and got everything reset up. I did not notice for 2 weeks that I was not logged in when checking the forum. Just saw no new posts. Ahhh, life without SPAM. Then I logged in today... I had no idea what I was missing! :censored: