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 #112907  by pick_six
Looking for a good consignment shop for selling off gun stuff from a friends collection. Doesn’t want to mess with trying to sell things individually. Looking mainly in NCC, but I don’t want to send them in to Wilmington proper.

Coastal area/lewes/Georgetown could be an option too if the return would be as good/dealer fair. But really want to focus up north.

Mostly nice, well cared for. Some Lefty.

Please advise if you have good experience with a fair consignment dealer, and possibly info on price.
 #112911  by pick_six
Thanks Senn, I’ll forward that along.
Senn1971 wrote: Sun Jul 11, 2021 9:16 pm Highly recommend American Sportsman, LLC. Greg and crew are great. I have sold four firearms through them in the last few years. They are located on Kirkwood Hwy in the Meadowood II shopping center.