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Greetings All,

I just moved to DE, Sussex county from the only red county in NJ which happens to be Sussex.

I've been visiting relatives in DE for about a year before moving and would CC with my Florida non-resident CCDW license. Now that I'm a DE resident I understand that for concealed carry I need a DE permit which at first look seems to be an onerous process. That got me to thinking about open carry so I stopped by a local gun store asked the owner for his opinion and he said he didn't recommend it and gave me two reasons. The first is when you're in a restaurant or some other retail establishment 9 liberals will call the cops and that would really mess up dinner. The other was that if there is a situation where an armed bad guy decides to commit a crime you'll be the first target- though I suppose the antidote to that is not to ever be in condition White.

Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated!