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 #169  by myopicvisionary
I got this e-mail from X-Ring today:

We wanted to update you on some of the things that you can look forward to during our Grand Re-Opening on Saturday:

Our New Look: Come check out our new look on the outside as well as the inside. On the inside you'll see something you haven't seen in the store for a while... GUNS!! (Glock, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Bushmaster and Ruger just to name a few.) On the outside, well, it'll be pretty obvious what changes have been made once you drive up.

Guest Expert: We are pleased to announce that Richard L. "Dick"”Niekamp has graciously offered to spend the day with us on Saturday. Dick has served as Muzzle Loading Education Coordinator for the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, chaired the committee that wrote the original muzzleloading safety manuals for the NMLRA and the NRA, has published works in the Muzzleloader Blasts, Muzzleloader and Backwoodsman magazines, and is a lecturer for the DE Humanities Forum on Colonial History, pertaining to the American/Pennsylvania Longrifle. Dick will be available throughout the day to share his knowledge and answer any questions that you may have.

Consignments: If you would like to place a gun on consignment with us, please do so by Friday afternoon, so that it will be available for the Grand Re-Opening.

Pictures!! If you would like a picture taken with your new purchase, just let us know. We will have a digital camera and printer to capture that new gun”glow. (For privacy purposes, we will NOT post your pictures on our website.)

Speaking of purchasing a gun everyone that purchases/orders a gun will receive an X-Ring t-shirt.

Green Dot, One Day Sale: Sorry, I've been sworn to secrecy by Bob, so I can't tell you the brand name of the items that we'll be placing on sale, but it is a very popular item. We've even dedicated part of a display case to the items that are on sale.

Bring your appetite: We’ll have plenty of food and drinks.

Door Prizes/GiveAways: Stop by our Door Prize table to complete an entry form and pick up some giveaways from X-Ring, as well as the Army National Guard. We'll pick a door prize winner every hour. Winners will be notified via phone and posted on our website (you don't need to be present to win).

Have you seen one of our ads? Check out the Middletown Transcript, Hockessin Community News or the Mill Creek Community News (we even have a classified ad in the Sporting Goods section of the Sunday News Journal, Spark and CrossRoads this week).

Hope to see ya on Saturday!
 #176  by dave_in_delaware
Wow. Sounds like a grand ole time! I may have to stop in there (w/ kids in tow) just to see what's what.
 #202  by myopicvisionary
I went to the grand re-opening this morning. Quite a crowd was there! I made some accessory purchases and they gave me a complimentary Hoppes cleaning kit, and some X-Ring tchotskies. Thanks for the coffee and doughnuts!
 #205  by dave_in_delaware
We were there early this afternoon. It was VERY nice to see guns in stock again!!! :pbjtime:

They had hoagies, soda/water, donuts, doffee, cookies... that turned out to be our lunch today! They still have the entire right-side corner full of accessories (holsters, brass, powder, mags, etc), even the bargain bins. Their glass showcases aren't 100% full yet, but there were handguns, and rifles on the walls! Whoo hoo!!!

They also had a door prize raffle to enter, and we picked up can coolies (foam things), a keychain, and a Hoppes cleaning kit!

X-Ring ROCKS!!!