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bmel17 wrote:Here is the other light I have been eyeing up for EDC if that olight doesn't work out to my needs.

That 3d LED is really nice. It throws a lot of light for the price. You won't be disappointed!

I'm finally cleaning out my garage from the winter and hopefully I'll find those mythical rechargeable 123's I was talking about!! :lol:
That's a nice EagleTac! I need to get another quality light, I only consider the one EagleTac I have to be of quality, the rest are Mags or cheaper Walmart finds....

Are you on CPF?
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jslacker wrote:
That's a nice EagleTac! I need to get another quality light, I only consider the one EagleTac I have to be of quality, the rest are Mags or cheaper Walmart finds....

Are you on CPF?

You can NEVER have enough flashlights! I have some cheapy LEDs from Wallyworld too. The life ones and the floating kind. They are bright, not Olight or Eagletac bright, but they last a looooong time.

It's sad when I actually look forward to power outages.....

Just what I need, another forum! haha I'm signing up!
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SO my tracking number say my new olight is delivered. I'm pretty excited for nighttime!
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:applause: Glad to hear it friend. I did end up picking up that 3D LED Mag, and you were right, I was surprised at how much light it threw. I guess the 2D LED one is next on the list just to round out the Mag collection. Although comparing the specs on the 2D and 3D models the 3D is vastly superior in terms of runtime... I think the 2D has 3 extra lumens but with one less cell its runtime is cut by a good 70 hours. Maybe I will get the 2D for a mod project. :twisted:

I'm up to around 13 now, but like you said, you can never have too many!
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I love it so far. Now to see if it holds up to my abuse!

I have made some progress: I found the rechargeable 123's! But I still need to find the charger haha

Also I have joined CPF~ thanks for the tip!
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I'm going to jump in with the surefire Kool-Aid again.
When I worked security, my EDC was the Surefire E2D LED Defender. Since I stopped security about 2 years ago I have switched my EDC to the Surefire P2X Fury Defender. 500 Lumens in light that size definitely does the job for me. I use the galco spare mag & light carrier for toting it around.

I have been looking for a good pocket sized light and I'm really leaning towards the Surefire LX2 Lumamax. Has anyone had any experience with this light?

I tend to stick to surefire ever since an incident where my E2D saved me from a very nasty incident. The glass on my light was broken during an intense fight and surefire. When I sent the light into surefire for repair they sent me a brand new E2D plus the shell of the old one as a keepsake. Aside from the lights being incredibly well made, their customer service keeps me coming back. It doesn't hurt that their lights look pretty bad ass too!
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bmel17 wrote:Thanks for the reply, I just wanted another illumination junkies opinion! I know you've done your research recently :D

I usually carry a bookbag with me for work and other and it has my olight m20sx in it. In my vehicles I carry a LED 3d maglight and another backup cheap flashlight. So I'm covered for light, I just wanted something that I could take with me anywhere and not leave my pockets all stuffed up. I like the stylus you linked too.
I put 6 led lights in my bike to make a impressive outlook. It always a great fun to use but sometimes those lights works as backup lights as well. :-D
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Olight i3 Eos is awesome, been using it for a quite awhile now and it has been dropped, tossed, carried and used in many situations and it is a clear winner in my book. For the size, it fits in any pocket. I removed the clamshell clip and just use the pocket clip. Bright enough too for most situations.

I was going to pick up the eagletac 25a clicky 2013 until I heard about the new olight s15 baton. My buddy ordered it and it is awesome for a AA light! Lots of features and throws a ton of light from a AA. He also has the 25a and in comparing them, the olight is better IMO. the s15 has an expandable tube system up to 3 AA batteries to extend the run times. The extra pieces, features and price sold me! $39(olight) vs $52(eagletac) ... &CateId_2=

So I ordered the s15 and can't wait to get it, $38.50 with free shipping off eBay. Especially nice since I had more than that in my paypal from some sales of my junk :D
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Continuing my flashlight addiction....

I have field tested the olight s15 and I am very happy with it. I'm using a 14500 li-ion battery as my primary power source with eneloops as a backup. The big difference is on the high setting you can see a huge difference in cycling from medium to high with the 14500 and not too big a difference with the eneloop.

Also after selling some random junk on ebay, I scraped up some dough for that eagletac d25a I've been wanting. After making an offer on an auction it was accepted for $45 shipped which made me happy.

The d25a came in today. Tried it with a 14500 and an eneloop. Big difference with the 14500 on all settings. Very nice light and powerful for an AA light.

Comparing the two- s15 has the tube extender to go 2xAA and the magnetic tail cap. d25a has more light settings (beacon, SOS) and the body is much thinner. I would much rather have the d25a in my pocket than the thicker s15. I'm having trouble getting the d25a into moonlight mode, much easier to switch functions on the s15.

Price: s15 -$38.50 shipped d25a =$45.00 shipped (this was an offer made, cheapest I could find it was $52 on ebay)

Bottom line- I would take the s15 over the d25a for ease of use and the magnetic tail cap and price.

I am still carrying the olight i3s EOS as my EDC in my pocket unless I am doing something specific where I know I will meed more light. Then I would pocket carry the d25a. S15 is carried my my man purse (5.11 man purse :lol: ) as a backup with spare batteries in tow.
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My biggest problem with the 14500 form factor is the limited mAh's. (900) That's why I like the ones that can take a 18650 since they can go up to around 3400 mAh's. Some of the claimed ones say they exceed that but like lumens claims it's often a lie. So for just a slightly fatter size you can get almost 4 times the useful use out of the 18650's before recharging. Even the cheap Ultrafire's can come with well over 2000 mAh's.

By the same token the even smaller 10440's and limited 500mAh batteries are fine as a penlight but more of a novelty and hardly worth the money.

One of the best sites I've found on Li-ion batteries is here;