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 #90861  by stephpd
The 502 is my most favorite cheap light. Since I just finished 2 of the 4 AR's I'm building the shorter one got one of the 502's mounted on it. So it was off to Amazon and ordering another 4 of these puppies. Sans charger and batteries all 4 cost less then $33.

I'd also ordered a few of the best batteries through fasttech. The Panasonic's newer NCR18650B's. Rated at a true 3400 mAh's. With button tops and protection circuitry they were still a bargain @ 2 for ~$17. ... chargeable

I never really cared much for pocket clips. I just take them off and fill in the holes with epoxy.

Not sure, but I don't think they make just 2 mode lights. 3 mode would be the closest, with high, low and strobe. I usually only use the single mode drop ins. That's one of the pluses of these type lights is the ability to modify them. These are the same drop ins that go into the very expensive 18650 flashlights.

As far as I know the xml-t6 bulbs are some the brightest made in this size. There's a U2 version that gives off a warmer color and a newer U3 that gives of even more light. For all of these I usually go through dealextreme or fasttech since the prices are better. ... in-module/

Gotta have spares, and parts. :roll:
 #94855  by Taurus247
I ordered a ultrafire 502B back in sept. and have carried it everyday since. Now i am having a problem with the light flickering and going out almost like the battery is dead but will do it even when they are fully charged. Is this a normal problem that these lights have? If so is there something comperable in size and brightness that I can get? Thank you.
 #94857  by bmel17
Have you switched out the battery for a different one?

I've had 2 of my 50x series ultra fires crap out on me, the LED chip fried.

This is my only complaint about the ultra fires. I still have a bunch, but have been replacing them with Olight and Eagle-tac ones. I have started using better batteries as well, but still have ultra fires in the rotation. The batteries I use are nitecores and i have one eagle-tac.

As for a comparable size/brightness, I would suggest an Olight m20-x or m21-x. They do have updated versions of those as well now too.
 #94858  by stephpd
Fake, recycled and re-branded batteries are the bane of the li ion industry. Ultra fires being at the top of the list. Last time I read the best batteries were the Panasonic NCR18650B. I haven't read about them being cloned but anything is possible with the Chinese. ... B00CB8PGOE
 #94879  by Maintenance Guy
I've been doing building maintenance for over 15 years and have had many different types of flashlights. I carry one every day at work and use it often. I've tried the Mag lights (big and small) and wasn't impressed with them. IMO they wear out to quick. For the last few years I've been going to United Electric just off of rt.141 in New Castle. Last year I bought a very nice Redline select that uses 3aaa batteries. It has 5 modes, zoom, 310 lumens, and the standard batteries last a decent amount ot time. Its supposed to cast a beam of light 216 yards on 100% power. It also has a magnetic base. The only down side is that it doesn't come with a holster. Cost was about $35.00 ( found a holster @ Lowes for under $10.00)
I also picked up a 500 lumens, 2 modes, Ozark Trails full size light that used 6aa batteries. Very bright and heavy enough to use for self defence. Cost was about $30.00 @ Wally world.
I, like many of you have many, many, flashlights. I was told that if I buy anymore, I might be sleeping in the garage. ( I only buy small ones now that I can carry into the house in my pocket)
 #106769  by cmath
Edc all the time is a streamlight microstream. Sometimes in my jacket is a streamlight protac 2L. I also have a large assortment of all sized streamlights. A stinger led 660lum for work. Multiple protac 1aa/2aa/1L/2L so-on and so-forth. Love streamlight! Excellent products and top notch customer service!
 #112420  by savsavannah
I have a Fenix compact flashlight with a shielded on / off button that won't turn on in your pocket, and it's almost the same size as an AA battery that requires longer life. It's not very heavy, so it fits in your pocket. Although it is twice as expensive as other similar products, I still think it is worth it. GearLight, Streamlight also have good things: