Current events, goings-on in Delaware and anything else of interest here.
 #112092  by DPRNJ
Hi Everybody,

I recently moved to DE from the Democratic People's Republic of NJ and do not miss living in that state at all.

I have frequented the forums on DELOC quite a bit for information since I don't have a CCDW and always nervous when transporting cased and locked firearms from my doorstep to my truck box. Never know when you'll get the wrong cop on a bad day. I know I am covered under federal law since I always go to an out-of-state range but a cop may not care.

The information I have found here has been quite helpful and a thank you to everyone!

Decided to join the forum to be with like-minded people with regards to firearms :)
 #112093  by MPN1086
Hello my fellow Delawarains,

My name is Mike

I am new to the state and new homeowner. I come from the state of PA and I was very curious about the open carry experiences you all have had. I had carry permit in PA for over 10 years and the process to get DE (and the price) is just not in the cards right now. I read through the laws abput about OC and where you can and cannot. What the experiences like? Have you ever been harrased by police? Or locals? I want to try it but to be honest I am kinda of reluctant. Thanks for taking the time to answer if you can.
 #112098  by Amy Blackthorn
There are carry logs here on the site that detail times dates and places. Been a pretty uneventful ten years for me.
 #112307  by Amy Blackthorn
amyacker wrote:Hello, its amy and i`m new here.
Hi Amy! Great to have you here. Would be willing to tell us something about yourself? Lots of fun people here, and if you want to get to know some in a casual atmosphere, there’s the in person meetings where we get dinner and chat.
 #112326  by Owen
Welcome to DELOC Chris!
 #112356  by Amy Blackthorn
Rusty2020 wrote:Hello,
I'm New here live in MD close to De but spend allot of time traveling though.
Looking to learn the ways of Delaware!
Welcome aboard!
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