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 #93299  by dave_in_delaware
I'd like to start a discussion similar to the "max price for .22lr ammo" thread.

I'm relatively new to the AR platform so I don't really know what ammo was going for 2 years ago or if what it's going for now is a decent price.

I can't find it at my local Walmart to save my life. They haven't had their shelves refilled for over a year now. I know I can order it online, or go to a few of the local gun/police stores around here to get some, but I don't want to be paying a "price gouging" fee on it due to supply/demand/panic buying.

So please, let's hear your thoughts and avg/max prices you have paid and would pay.

(Assume "normal" usage - target practice and home defense, nothing fancy. Brass casings).

Thank you.
 #93300  by astro_wanabe
Even Walmart seems to have gone up in price to meet demand. The ZQI brand from Turkey was $425/720 rounds (in battle packs in an ammo can), so $0.59/rd. The lowest I've seen recently was a Black Friday deal from PSA for $0.36/rd for some "GECO" brand. Personally I want brass cased, boxer primed, non-steel-projectile, to my door for $0.40/rd or less, maybe a couple cents more for ammo on stripper clips or in a can. That's just to get me by until I can start reloading though. I've heard current reloading costs are around $0.20/rd for 55 grain plinking .223 (not counting startup investment or time).
 #93302  by dave_in_delaware
A local store here carries Federal Cartridge Co. ammo:

500 rounds, FMJ Boat-Tail, 55 grain, brass case, boxer-primed, XM193I for $215 ($0.43/round)
20 rounds of same for $9.49 ($0.48/round)

420 rounds, FMJ, 62 grain steel core green tip, brass case, XM855, 10-round stripper clips for $224.99 ($0.54/round) seems to be around $0.50/round or higher right now.
 #93303  by astro_wanabe
dave_in_delaware seems to be around $0.50/round or higher right now.
Unfortunately I think he lost his unusually good pricing competitiveness a while ago, but I don't really blame him for charging the going market price.

If you're looking for a deal this brass cased Wolf is on sale for $0.40/rd right now: ... fgold-1000
 #93306  by Mr.Skellington
I draw the line at 50 cents per round. I think I usually spend close to 40 cents per round.
 #93321  by Lfod/Dtom
Here is a handy little tool I use, can search any caliber. 50 cents/round would be my "max".
 #93324  by SCUBA9097

The Walmart here on Centerville usually has a few boxes of .223 or 5.56 in stock. Unsure of the current price, but if you're interested I can make a few trips out that way and begin a collection for you.
 #93327  by stephpd
Mr.Skellington wrote:I draw the line at 50 cents per round. I think I usually spend close to 40 cents per round.
50 cents a round is my limit. Less the 40 cents would be far better. I'd also want this to be brass cased. Not really willing to spend even 40 cents a round for steel cased.

That last go round and over a dollar a round was far too much to be buying any.
 #93336  by Chizult
Palmetto has a couple different packs for sale at ~ $.40 before shipping. Good stuff too, XM193. Shipping adds another $7-15. To answer your question, I still haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet though.