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 #104328  by myopicvisionary
I attended my first Swiss Rifle match today at the Bucks County Fish & Game Association in Doylestown, PA.

While I have fired my K31 in CMP competion before, this is my first foray into competition under Swiss rules. For a mere $10.00, you can compete in all three courses of fire.
http://www.bcfg.org/images/Alpine-Swiss ... er2015.pdf

I did fairly well, although more practice is needed to earn a medal.
 #104338  by myopicvisionary
7.5x55mm Swiss is still standard issue in the Swiss military. Plus, it is used by competitors on a large scale.
 #104343  by phlydude
I have a Swede 6.5x55 that I bought years back. Ammo now is $17 for 20 rounds (and that is the cheap import stuff).
Enough to justify the reloading dies and shell plate for the press...

But that GP11 ammo is berdan primed and while it is reloadable, I'm not sure I want to invest in the time to deprime it hydraulically and search out the primers from Tula to reload...decisions of a 1st world populace :D
 #104346  by myopicvisionary
There is a lot of boxer primed brass out there. And AIM Surplus has GP11 for $11.20 for 20.
 #106389  by Owen
Nice update!

I always enjoy your candor. :applause: