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Here is the 2014 season schedule for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association.
Open to police and civilians alike. Yes, beginners are welcome. We shoot the NRA stock auto/revolver course of fire. Forty-eight rounds on a B-27 target from 3 to 25 yards.
All magazines are loaded with 6rds.
String #1: 6rds from the holster standing strong hand only in 8 seconds at 3yds.
String #2: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 7yds.
String #3: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 15yds.
String #4: 18rds from the holster with 2 hands in 90 seconds at 25yds. First 6rds are kneeling right side barricade. Second 6rds are standing left hand barricade. Last 6rds are standing right hand barricade.

The yearly dues are $25.00 which pays for the award banquet at the end of the year. The first relay is $15.00, any subsequent relays for the day are $10.00. We alternate monthly between the Seaford, De and Sudlersville, MD ranges. For any questions, contact Gene Esham @ 302-381-7711.

Sunday, 13 APR Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 10 MAY Seaford, DE
Saturday, 14 JUN Seaford, DE
Sunday, 13 JUL Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 09 AUG Seaford, DE
Sunday, 14 SEP Sudlersville, MD
Saturday, 11 OCT Seaford, DE

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Seems like a trek to Seaford. How long does it take you to get to Seaford from Newark?
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From Pike Creek:

To Seaford,
Leave home at 0630hrs. Eat a leasurely breakfast at Smith’s Family Restaurant north of Greenwood. Arrive at Nanticoke Sportsmen’s Club in Seaford at 0830hrs. No speeding due to Sussex radar traps.

To Sudlersville,
Leave home at 0715hrs. Eat at "Breakfast and More" in Middletown.
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Got an e-mail invite to the NRA PPC Regionals in Fairfax, VA!
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February 22nd, 2014

The regional match was a mixed experience. The staff was great and provided niceties like preprinted labels for the competitors' targets, but the range.....

So safe was this range that it sucked to fire there. Baffled six ways from Sunday, no round will exit without turning 180 degrees and firing uprange. At close range, it was not bad as you were in the dark with the targets. As the range pushed out to 50 yards, the targets disappeared into the darkness. On the way home, I passed right by the NRA Headquarters. So I had to stop. I could have spent all day in the museum!



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April 13th, 2014

Today was the first match of the 2014 season for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association. In normal fashion, I fired in three relays. Relay number one was a throw away. I had completely rushed through the four strings of fire turning in a score of 448-16X. Prepping for the second relay, I forced myself to relax. This time the run was smoother and I used more of the allotted time. With the scoring complete, I had posted a score of 465-20X. This was right where my usual average runs.

Relay number three…..
Stage “A”. Six rounds fired one handed at 3 yards in 8 seconds. Move back to the 7 yard line and fire two magazines of six rounds in twenty seconds. Score and repair.


Stage “B”. At the 15 yard line, fire two magazines of six rounds in twenty seconds. Move back to the 25 yard line. Fire one magazine of six round from the right side of the barricade while kneeling. Fire second magazine standing from left side of barricade. The pistol must be grasped with the left hand. Fire the third magazine from the right side of the barricade. Score and repair. My score for the third relay was a 468-26X out of a possible 480-48X! My season average starts out with a 460.33 points @ 95.90%


While at the match to day, I received my 2013 Governor’s Twenty Award since I could not attend the ceremony in January. Back up from 2012′s 5th place to 4th!

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Congrats on the Certificate of Excellence !

:applause: :applause: :applause:
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May 11th, 2014

The PPC match at Seaford. My high score for today was a 460-16X. This moves my high average to 461.66 points @ 96.18%

Stage "A"


Stage "B"
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14 June, 2014

A great day in Seaford! The weather was perfect for shooting. I would have to warm up to match the conditions though. The first relay was a complete throw away at 440-16X. During scoring, several other competitors asked if I was feeling OK! “I’m alright, I just forgot how to shoot apparently!” The next relay went a bit better scoring a 452-26X. Still not good enough to help my average. I cleared my mind of the morning’s progress and thought only about basic marksmanship fundamentals… “Focus on the front sight, fire between heartbeats and breaths, etc.”

I felt better as I stepped to the firing line for the final time of the day. The command to load was given and I was ready. The whistle sounded and I went into firing methodically and smoothly as pistols to my right and left thundered in sync. The relay wore on and I forgot about each fired round, concentrating only on the next press of the trigger. Suddenly, Stage “A” of the relay was over. I had almost cleaned the 18 round stage with a 180-15X!

Stage “A”

I felt really good and focused. The 15 yard string went smooth and I was ready for the dreaded barricade string of fire at 25 yards. For the final time of the day I loaded my .45 and holstered. Standing behind the barricade, I waited. The whistled sounded and I dropped to my knees while drawing my pistol. My knuckles braced against the right side of the barricade as my sights settled on the target. Six rounds went down range then the slide locked back on my empty pistol. Standing now, I reloaded a fresh magazine and took up a position behind the barricade to fire from the left side. This is my personal weakness as the pistol must be grasped in my left hand to keep as much of my body behind the cover of the barricade. Tactically prudent but a real bitch to score well at on the range. I slowed down as much as I dared and squeezed the trigger as smoothly as I could. The shots felt good and I reloaded for the final six of the match. Transitioning to the right side of the barricade, I sighted in on the target with about ten seconds left on the clock. Pushing hard against the barricade with a death grip on the my pistol, I let the last six go at about one per second. The line was cleared and we went forward to tally the scores. The final score for the relay was a 468-23X! This pushed my season high average up to 467.00 points @ 97.29%, a full three points higher than last season’s final high average!

Stage “B”
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