Discuss the when's and where's of the next range trip.
 #108191  by Fishhunter911
Hello all,

The company I work for is looking to have a team building day. I was brought up by a few tat a range day would be a fun time. It will a group of guys, 15 total, that have experience with firearms sans maybe 1 or 2. There would of course be a safety briefing as well as instruction for those who need it.

Can anyone recommend a place that can rented or used for this? Would have to be in DE or SEPA.

Any help would be appreciated.
 #108194  by whatevah
might be able to do Target Master, their range can be divided, so maybe take over the smaller section? They have a wide variety of rentals, from .22 handguns to full-auto rifles. Not sure about the instructional part, but couldn't hurt to ask... 302-529-5600 or 610-459-5400.
 #108197  by Fishhunter911
I thought about looking into Target Master, but to be honest, I am not a fan of them. Have had horrible service in the past and quite frankly, do not wish to support that kind of business practice.

I have seen the TSS stuff going around. It looks pretty promising. I have not been able to find info on group lane rentals. I will reach out.
 #108203  by Fishhunter911
whatevah wrote:TSS is supposed to open the sometime in the end of July. I'm sure they would work with you, but it's at least a month away.

We wont be looking to do this till Sept or so, so that would work out great. I reached out to them. Waiting for a call back.
 #108222  by dave_in_delaware
The Sportsman's Shop that used to be near me in New Holland recently moved a few miles up the road to East Earl. With the move they built an indoor range, which has 12 lanes out to 25 yards, and they charge $20/hour. Their website also advertises training and events, so they might be worth a phone call to ask questions.

The Sportsman's Shop
(717) 354-4311

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am - 8pm, Sun: 12pm-6pm