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 #109264  by Kuntryboy816
Went up to Targetmaster last night with a friend and his father. They are both memebers and we figured we'd be set as there was a few open booths. So we asked the guy behind the counter for 2 lanes but he said they only had one at the moment. Tags for lanes #1-#5 were on the board so I figured maybe they were just having issues with that side of the range. So Chad and Steve went in, set up and started shooting while I waited for a lane to open up. I was watching through the window and saw some BIG mistakes that must've been missed by the RO. One guy was packing up, I watched him unload his rifle (from what I could see) and then he turns around and muzzle sweeps the 3 booths to his right! As the barrel was swinging my way, I instinctively started hot stepping it to my left so that he didn't sweep me as well. The viewing glass looks like it may be bulletproof but I'm not sure about the walls, so I wasn't taking any chances. The guy saw me quickly move from one side of the glass to the other and gave me a queer glance like, "What's your problem?", so I just shook my head at his stupidity.

On a more positive note, about 10 mins later, I got in to the range @ the booth right next to Chad and his dad, got all set up, loaded my rifle mag and set to work. After the first mag, Chad, Steve and I were chatting when all of a sudden the foyer door opens and a stream of about 30 ladies came walking into the range! Then it hit me why they had kept the other lanes open on the far side of the range... CCDW Women's Class! As they were walking by into the other room, Chad and I were applauding them and congratulating them on taking the class! They all had huge smiles of pride as they walked past! ...not that awkward, "What is these guys doing?" type of smile either! :lol: That was an awesome sight to see so many women that had to courage to step up and deem their safety as priority! It really made my night all the better.