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 #33230  by myopicvisionary
Just got home from the range practicing for Sunday's M1 Garand rifle match at KFGA. The weather forcast for Sunday calls for rain so I chose to practice today since it is raining and overcast. It has actually been several years since I have competed in a rifle match. I have been concentrating on pistol competition since I carry a .45ACP.

http://www.kfga.net/modules.php?name=Co ... page&pid=6
 #33235  by Tony T

There is another Garand match coming up at BHR&GC.

Sunday, May 02, 2010
DCM “John C Garand Shoot”
Ten shooters per relay, first come first served, open to the public.
1st relay: 1000 sign up, 1100 shoot
2nd relay: 1130 sign up, 1230 shoot
3rd relay: 1300 sign up, 1400 shoot
$35 nonmembers, $10 members.
For more info call: Dave Zittere (302) 598-3630.

I know they provide the rifle and ammo for members and I think it's the same for nonmembers.
 #33238  by myopicvisionary
Odd, when I checked the events calendar on their website, no match was shown for that date.
 #33241  by Tony T
That site is almost never updated. ;)
 #33380  by myopicvisionary
I had a great time at the Garand match today. Everyone there was helpful and truely wanted me to do well. In the slowfire prone, I fired a 90. In the rapidfire I hit 92! The slowfire offhand is my weak link in which I scored a 65. So; for the day, I garned a 247 out of a possible 300. For $25.00, you shoot the relay, they provide the ammo and you get to keep the brass!
 #33556  by myopicvisionary
I opened the mail yesterday and there was a letter from the Kimberton Fish & Game Association. It was the M1 Garand match results. Seems I came in 8th overall. The surprise was that my 92 points in the rapid fire prone earned me 3rd place in that aggregate! Included was $3.00 cash. So, now the competition only cost me $22.00 to shoot in. I wonder what the payout is for 1st place in any given string of fire, let alone what the overall match winner gets?
 #35039  by myopicvisionary
Today was the M1 Garand match at Kimberton Fish & Game Association. I had mixed results in comparison to the last M1 match I fired in April. In the slow fire prone stage, I scored a 79-0X down from a previous 90-0X. Granted, the heat and humidity was rather heinous and my eyes were stinging from the continous sweat running in them. But that is no excuse for me not coping with it. Stage #2 was the rapid fire prone, in which I won third place with a 92-0X in April. Today; however, I choked and managed an 84-0X. But there is always a silver lining in everything. In the slow fire standing stage, I used up every second of allotted time and brought home an 81-1X! A vast improvement over April's 65-0X for sure. In total, I scored a 244-1X out of a possible 300-30X. So while I did drop three points from April's 247-0X, I am very happy about the great progress I made in breaking into the 80s with the dreaded slow fire standing.

Stage #1: Slow fire prone

Stage #2: Rapid fire proneImage

Stage #3: Slow fire standingImage
 #35042  by photog
:applause: :applause: :applause: Congrats Myopic!!!! :applause: :applause: :applause:
 #35172  by myopicvisionary
Got the match results in the mail today. Despite the godawful humidity, I still made it into the top ten!
 #36990  by myopicvisionary
This morning was the M1 Garand match at Kimberton Fish & Game Association. I had practiced for this match and the results speak for themselves. In the opening slow fire prone stage, I scored a 90-1X way up from a previous 79-0X. The second stage was the rapid fire prone. I have done better in the past but I was happy with the 87-0X today. In the slow fire standing stage, I shot a good 78-0X! The aggregate results for the day was a 255-1X beating the last match results of 244-1X out of a possible 300-30X. So I improved a full 11 points over my previous endeavour!
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