Discuss the when's and where's of the next range trip.
 #110086  by 2xTony
Would any of you M1 Garand guys be able to recommend someone local who could swap a fresh barrel on my old war horse?
 #110420  by pistolsmcgee
I'd really like to try out one of these garand matches. I have my CMP rifle and a handfull of en blocs, but I don't have anything like a shooting jacket, shooting mitt, any of that stuff. How important are all of the accessories?
 #110453  by myopicvisionary
The only thing that will really hamper you is not having a spotting scope. Some guys start out with a cheapo scope and tripod which is fine for 100 yard matches. A glove is nice but not an absolute need. No coat? I don't have one. I use an old USMC shooting shirt over a sweat shirt. I use a web sling rather than an expensive leather one. If you compete at Kimberton, the entry fee includes 35 rounds of M2 ball ammo for the match.
 #110459  by myopicvisionary
An even better event is in Bucks County, PA. While you have to provide your own ammo, the cost is five or ten bucks to compete. With the exception of the Swiss matches at the end of the day, your Garand is perfect to shoot in all of the day's other events. All rifle matches are conducted at 100 yards. The day starts of with the National Match Course. This is followed by either the Combat Rifle Match or the Hanseatic Matches (they alternate from month to month). In both the NMC and the Combat Match, ten round strings of fire are used. Load an empty clip in the rifle and press in two rounds then close the bolt. Reload with a full clip for a total of ten shots. One half of the Hanseatic Match is the Norwegian Stangskyting. Starting with the bolt locked open, on the fire command, load and fire eight rounds on a single target. Reload and fire eight more on the same target. Total time allowed, 25 seconds! Civilians in Norway do this with a bolt action rifle! At the end of the day is the Swiss Matches. Call ahead and the match director may be able to provide a loaner Swiss K31 for you to try. Warning... do this and you will be buying a K31 of your own as it is the finest straight-pull rifle ever built.
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