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 #102243  by Owen
Been meaning to ask if your Garand was in 30-06 and if they provided ammo or if you had to for the matches?
 #102257  by myopicvisionary
For the CMP matches, all Garands must be government issue in .30-06. The monthly match I compete in at Kimberton issues 35 rounds of Greek M2 Ball and you keep the brass. Match fee is $30.00. CMP "A" course of fire.
 #102276  by Owen
Thanks for the info.

I've seen "tanker" M1s in .308 as well but I wasn't sure if they were allowed.
 #102292  by myopicvisionary
"Tanker" is a marketing term for cut down M1s. The T-26 was an experimental short M1 requested for jungle warfare use in the Phillipines. It was never put into production.
 #103886  by myopicvisionary
Here is the schedule for the 2015 CMP rifle matches at Kimberton, PA.
26 APR
31 MAY
21 JUN
26 JUL
30 AUG
27 SEP
25 OCT
15 NOV
13 DEC
Distance is normally 200 yards, but some ranges lacking the real estate fire the match at 100 yards using reduced size targets. The Kimberton Fish & Game range is limited to 100 yards. The course of fire is the JCG “A” course. Five sighter rounds in five minutes followed by three strings of ten rounds each for record. Maximum points per string is 100 points. In the center of the “10” ring is an “X” ring used to break ties. So the maximum score per string is 100-10X and 300-30X for the match. The first string is slowfire prone in ten minutes. Second string is rapidfire standing to prone in 80 seconds. Third string is slowfire standing without support in ten minutes. For the CMP matches, all firearms must be US government surplus. Permitted rifles are the M1903 Springfield, M1 Garand, M1917 Enfield, M1941 Johnson and the M1984 Krag-Jorgensen. Garands must be chambered for .30-06. Since the match is conducted at 100 yards, the M1 carbine can compete as well. Kimberton issues 35 rounds of Greek .30-06 M2 Ball or Aguila .30 Carbine Ball and you get to keep the brass. Krag shooters must provide their own ammunition. Match fee is $30.00.
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