Because we enjoy good company and good food.
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Just so everyone knows, I have begun researching some other locations (restaurants, parks, etc.) for our monthly meetings. I will list the facilities, pros/cons, and info about each in this thread as I find out the information. If you have any other ideas, please post them here. If you've already contacted them, let me know what they said. I'll add this information here (in this first post).

These places aren't limited to just restaurants, and they're not limited to only adults (if you want to bring your kids along). I'm open to ANY ideas you may have that you think will be fun, safe, semi-local, and (preferably) OC-friendly.

Thanks for playing..... :D

EDIT: The "history" of locations is now located in a separate Sticky.

Meeting Location Ideas:

Applebee's, 105 Wilton Blvd, New Castle, DE 19720
- Meeting #38
- Meeting #46
- good food
- affordable price

Applebee's, 320 Dove Run Centre Blvd, Middletown, DE 19709
- Meeting #40 (had "MWG" call, but police never approached any of us)
- good food
- affordable price
- OC friendly waitresses

Arner's Family Restaurant, 201 North Dupont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720
- Meeting #37
- good food
- affordable prices

Bennigan's Grill & Tavern [CLOSED]

Bertucci's Italian Restaurant, 3596 Concord Pike (Concord Gallery) Wilmington, DE 19803
Bertucci's Italian Restaurant, 201 West Main Street (Christiana Towne Center), Newark, DE 19702
- excellent food
- nice decor
- might be a little "pricey" compared to other places

Bob Evans, 402 Eagle Run Road, Newark, DE 19702
- Meeting #25
- good food
- good prices

Border Cafe, 483 Stanton-Christiana Road, Newark, DE 01803
- Meeting #36

Cheeseburger in Paradise Bar & Grill, 40 Geoffrey Drive, Newark, DE 19713
- DELOC member has OC'd there with no issues
- great food
- friendly staff

Ciao's Pizza & Pasta, 270 University Plaza, Newark, DE 19702
- Meeting #31 (days #1 and #2)
- pro-OC

Crossroads Restaurant, 4579 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE
- Meeting #21 (after highway cleanup)
- Meeting #22
- Meeting #24
- Meeting #48
- manager is PRO-gun
- a DELOC member works there
- we've been there before
- great prices
- good food

Dairy Queen, 200 BUCKLEY BLVD, Bear, DE 19701
- OK food, Blizzards!! ... better later at night. Otherwise BUSY.
- facility tends to be messy and dirty though
- A small group of us OC'd there before, no issues.
- I've OC'd there before by myself, also no problems.

Damon's Grill, 149 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, De 19720
- Meeting #05
- OC-friendly

Denny's, 80 McIntosh Plaza, Newark, DE 19713
- breakfast served all day!
- I've OC'd in there a few times, no issues

Don Pablo's Restaurant, 600 Center Blvd, Newark, DE 19702
- Meeting #39
- They do NOT take reservations
- VERY busy for dinners (never go on a Tuesday. EVER.)
- Can't handle groups even with a few hours' notice of arrival.

Famous Dave's BBQ, 100 West Main Street, Christiana, DE 19702
- great food
- friendly staff

Famous Dave's BBQ, 303 Rocky Run Parkway, Wilmington, DE 19803

Gallucio's Restaurant & Pub, 1709 Lovering Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19806
- very "homey" feeling, good food
- I've OC'd there before. No problems.
- private meeting room normally reserved for groups of 20 or more
- require a minimum of a $450 bill for exclusive use of the private room (if tab is short of the minimum, we'd still be charged the $450 minimum).
- parking could be an issue (limited on-street, other businesses share parking?)

Golden Castle Diner, 2722 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803
- Meeting #18
- party of 15 or more people we do make it private room. Less than 15 we do seat other
- no room charge as long as everyone eats food from their menu
- breakfast served all day!
- I've OC'd in there a few times. no issues.

Golden Dove Diner, 1101 N Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720
- Meeting #11
- good food, good prices
- may be able to use their separate area for more "privacy"
- OC "friendly" since I've carried there countless times w/out any issues
- DELOC had met there before, for many hours. Owners told us they didn't want us to leave.

Goodfellas Restaurant, 1504 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE 19810 [CLOSED]
- Meeting #35 (day #2)
- owners are open carriers, too and pro-gun.
- can accomodate groups
- group discount, too!

Grand East Buffet, 2072 Naamans Road, Wilmington, DE 19810
- many DELOC members have OC without problems
- have seating "area" in back for groups
- good food
- all you can eat!

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, 730 Peoples Plaza, Newark, DE 19702
- Meeting #17
- Meeting #23
- Meeting #29
- Meeting #32
- Meeting #35 (day #1)
- good food
- decent price
- TONS of choices
- we've been there a few times, no issues.

Hibachi Japanese Steak House, 5607 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803

Hibachi Japanese Steak House, 1160 Pulaski Hwy, Bear, DE 19701
- Meeting #14
- awesome food
- cooking entertainment (watch your meal being created)
- good service
- OC friendly, as many of us have OC'd there w/ no problems.

Hollywood Grill, Concord Pk & Murphy Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810
- good food
- OC'd there before

Hooters, 194 S. Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720
- may be too busy to feel "safe" OCing - what do others think?

Horace Shellhammers, 260 Chapman Rd (University Plaza), Newark, DE 19711 [ANTI-GUN]
- tried going there for Meeting #31, but were DENIED SERVICE due to OC!!!

Hot Plate Family Restaurant [CLOSED]
- Meeting #09

IHOP, 148 N. Dupont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720
- Meeting #01
- Meeting #02
- Meeting #03
- Meeting #04
- Meeting #13
- Meeting #27
- we already know they're OC-friendly from previous meetings there (and Corporate's email)
- breakfast served all day!

Lone Star Steakhouse, 113 S. Dupont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720
- kids eat free Saturdays 11-4!!

Lucky's Coffee Shop, 4003 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803
- cute little "diner" feel
- good food

McDonalds, 1401 Governor's Place, Bear, DE 19701 (has a playground)
- OC'd there many times without issues.

Old Country Buffet, 1325 Churchmans Road, Newark, DE 19713
- Meeting #15
- Meeting #28
- all-you-can-eat
- <$12 for dinner
- one of the managers was OC-friendly to us at Meeting #15!
- good "exposure" for the public - had a few people interested in our cause.

Porto Fino Pizza & Restaurant, 730 Ferry Cut-off, New Castle, DE 19720
- good food
- decent prices
- OC'd there before, no issues
- not sure how they'd manage seating us as a group though....

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 101 W Main St, Newark, DE 19702
- Meeting #26 (days #1 and #2)
- good food
- higher price

Ruby Tuesday, 928 Bear Corbitt Road, Bear, DE 19702
- Meeting #41
- good food

Saint Georges Country Store (& Restaurant), 1 Delaware Street, St. Georges, DE 19733
- Meeting #12
- VERY OC friendly!
- great food
- friendly staff and owners

Texas Roadhouse, 250 Buckley Boulevard, Bear, DE 19701
- Meeting #16
- organized_mayhem has OC'd there twice w/ no problems.
- very noisy! :(
 #2237  by cappilot06
dave_in_delaware wrote: Gallucio's Restaurant & Pub, 1709 Lovering Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19806
- very "homey" feeling, good food
Did you mean homey or horney. They look the same!! Count us in either way :pbjtime:
 #2238  by dave_in_delaware
Well, I've been there many times. Nice place. Good food. Nice staff...

but I've never gotten horny from eating there.... ;)
 #2239  by cappilot06
Just messing around here...I have WAY too much time on my hands.
 #4320  by dave_in_delaware
organized_mayhem wrote:You can probably add Texas Roadhouse in Bear to the list. Good food, pretty good prices and I have OC there twice so far with no issues.
 #14873  by desteve811
What time are these dinner gatherings? I would like to go but i think my work schedule wont allow it. 3pm-11pm. :(
 #14882  by stephpd
desteve811 wrote:What time are these dinner gatherings? I would like to go but i think my work schedule wont allow it. 3pm-11pm. :(
Usually the dinner meetings are mid week from 6:30 til closing. Once the weather warms up we tend to have them on a Saturday or Sunday at one of the members homes. Those will go from noon or 1:00 until whenever. The ones we had at my house were a pool party and would last until midnight. That gives anyone wanting to come a chance even if working part of the day.

If you read through the monthly meetings you'll find that we try to accommodate as many as possible. We are getting more members down state and encourage that they have meetings in that area. Hopefully we'll have a day at the beach this year.

It's also possible to meet some of the guys for a day at the range. Just check out that section. ;)
 #17374  by dave_in_delaware
In addition to what stephpd said, some members will just meet up amongst themselves for lunch/dinner, for playtime w/ their kids, for watching football or a movie, etc.

So, while DELOC holds "official" monthly meetings (usually on weekdays after work, or on weekends during the summer), that doesn't mean that members can't make their own arrangements or get together at other times!

Use the PM system here (or the telephone) to set up a get-together anytime, any place, w/ anyone. We're all friends here.

If you'd like to get on the DELOC Contact List, so people can contact you other ways, just PM me your info. I'll update the list and distribute it only to members already on the list.
 #25203  by Beez
Have you decided on a meeting place for November yet? Or did I miss something, which is quite possible - haven't totally figured out how to manuver this site yet.

Beez (M Bryan Rice) Hope real names are OK.