Because we enjoy good company and good food.
 #25263  by dave_in_delaware
Beez wrote:Have you decided on a meeting place for November yet? Or did I miss something, which is quite possible - haven't totally figured out how to manuver this site yet.

Beez (M Bryan Rice) Hope real names are OK.
Whatever name you want to make public is OK.

We're discussing november's meeting in THIS thread. All monthly meetings will be discussed and planned under the General Discussion >> Monthly Gathering forum.

welcome aboard!
 #48853  by dave_in_delaware
Does anyone else have any suggestions for a "new" place to hold a meeting, other than what's already listed??
 #48861  by Mr.Skellington
I've OC'd at Cheeseburgers in Paradise a bunch of times and at Famous Dave BBQ. They have great food and friendly staff at both so each has my recommendation.
 #48870  by Boots
A couple of years ago I went to Cheeseburgers in Paradise with a group and they did NOT want to give us separate checks... it wasn't their 'policy' to do so. Huh? :shock: That's why I've never been back.

I suggest we find out if that's still their 'policy' with groups before going there.
 #56637  by chriswalrath
Any ideas on having anything closer to southern Delaware than northern Delaware? Being a Widowed dad of two (albeit 18 and 15), I would love to join in but would like to be closer. If y'all come down thissaway, lemme know.
 #57237  by dave_in_delaware
Rashad wrote:when is the next meeting???
Sometime in November. I'll be starting a thread about it soon.