Because we enjoy good company and good food.
 #9763  by dave_in_delaware
After thinking about a post in the Meeting #13 thread, I started doing some research and number-crunching, just to see what's what.....

As of today (Jan 13, 2009), we have 108 members....

31.5% of which are definitely from Delaware (I'm sure there are many more, but 61.1% of the registered members did NOT indicate a location in their profile). So, the following numbers are only based on those 31.5%....

70.6% live in New Castle County
14.7% live in Kent County
14.7% live in Sussex County

So, as you can see, the majority of registered members live in New Castle County, which is why we have almost always held our monthly meetings somewhere in New Castle County. Sure, most of us aren't allergic to driving, and gas prices are back down to something reasonable, but to get to Kent County (or especially Sussex County) at a decent time for dinner when most of us work until 5:00pm simply isn't easy. Then ther's the long drive back later at night. And some of us have younger children to deal with.....

That said, members in Kent and Sussex Counties should certainly feel free to set up their own "meetings" or range gatherings amongst themselves, since long distance travel isn't always practical or desired (especially just to eat).

If anyone needs a list of members closer to you (or by County, or whatever), let me know. Or maybe I'll add it in this thread at a later date.

(and to those of you who have not indicated a location, please reconsider it! Even if it is just your State, or County, that would help other members figure out if you're close to them or not. Thanks!)
 #9788  by stephpd
Good work Dave and good idea about asking members for a general idea about what part of the state they live in.

I'd bet that most members also live south of the city. That's why we tend to do most of the meetings around the 13/40 split. Make it as easy as we can for most of the members.

But the Saturday type meetings we have in the warmer months can be done almost anywhere in the state. Gives everyone a good chance to get together.
 #10346  by sean3686
it would be great to see how many people border the state as well or those abroad. If not the town atleast the county you live in!

probably wouldnt hurt to give a quick refresher on how to update your location!

can a mod help me out with the directions for everyone?
 #10360  by Oktane
Im right in Newark off of Red Mill rd.
 #10363  by dave_in_delaware
You go to your User Control Panel, Profile (under Options), and change it in there. Be sure to hit "Submit" to make the changes!

and to clarify: I'm not out to get your address and put it onto a public map.

It would just be nice to know your city at least. If not, definitely your County.

 #10388  by myopicvisionary
Im right in Newark off of Red Mill rd.
I'm in the neighborhood(Roseville) across Kirkwood Highway from Soffritto's restaurant.
 #10405  by Oktane
ah nice! yeah i know a couple that lives right in there on maple.