Because we enjoy good company and good food.
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I'm posting this just as a FYI for those of you who are new to DELOC or new to our "monthly meeting" idea or were thinking about hosting a meeting:

During the nicer months of the year (usually May thru September), we typically hold our meetings at DELOC member's homes. These members volunteer to provide a major food item (usually burgers, hotdogs, etc) and sometimes also provide something to do (swimming pool, shooting range, etc). Other members who plan on attending then "sign up" in that month's thread to bring whatever else is needed (rolls, drinks, desserts, paper products, etc). It becomes a large picnic type of gathering, and could last up to 12 hours to allow people to arrive, leave, and even come back as they please.

Since a member is volunteering their home and property and opening it up to guests, the host sets the date and start/end times for the gathering. Usually this occurs on a Saturday and goes from around noon until after the sun sets. The host also can set "rules" or limitations for activities occurring on their property, so we ask that you respect their requests.

Lastly, since the meeting will be held on someone's private property, DELOC requires that no one publicly post anyone's personal information, even if you're the one hosting. Any addresses, phone number, directions, etc should be handled thru the Private Messaging system on this forum. So, if you're planning on attending a meeting at a member's home, contact the host via PM and request the address, directions, etc.

Hopefully this explains things clearly. Any questions/clarifications, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.