#105991  by donlyle28
Good day!
Just want to ask if anyone can point me on how to/instructions regarding changing of address? and also, if its better for me just to wait till January 2016 when I renew my ccdw.
 #105993  by GatorDude
I am not aware of anything in either the statutory or rule making scheme that requires you to update the address on your permit once it is issued and prior to your renewal date.

The statute specifically mentions providing your address at time of application.
 #106010  by California_Exile
This was a decade plus ago, but last time I moved (from one place in NCCo to another), I went to the Prothonotary's office in Wilmington to ask exactly that question, and was told to just wait until my CCDW was up for renewal, which I think was about four months in the future (i.e., I asked around August or September, my renewal was due the following May, but filed in January). No problem when the renewal rolled around. YMMV.
 #106055  by donlyle28
Thanks for the replies! :)