#56635  by chriswalrath
Hi, all. This is Chris from Milton, down here in Lower Slower.

Well, I have been around firearms through my life. Used to hunt but have not participated in eight years. Recently purchased a SA.XD40. Need to practice. Lots of rust to knock off.

Joined primarily to associate with other shooters with liberties in mind. Not to overthrow anything or anyone, just to be able to own something from which I can derive some pleasure at the range whenever I want.

So, that said, time to soak up some chatter. Nice to be here.
 #56642  by SCUBA9097
Nice to meet you Mr. Walrath and welcome to DELOC!
 #64430  by drsayles
Hi, Chris!

I also live in Milton, the hopeful lower slower Delaware :D I am 20 and can't wait to get out there and start shooting someTHING... :D Nice to see you on here!