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As a new member my 1st question is very basic. As a PA resident who has a concealed carry permit can I open carry in DE? I have looked thru various websites and can not find the answer. As an open carry state am I to assume (dangerous) that it's OK for all to open carry as long as all rules are met concerning background? I plan on moving to DE within a year. Thanks!
 #57033  by photog
You may open carry in Delaware even if you are an out of state resident. (as long as you are legally allowed to own a firearm) The firearm must be kept "in plain view" at all times. In your car, that means the dash or the passenger seat for example. Your Pa. LTCF (as I'm sure your aware) is useless in Delaware.

And BTW.... welcome to the forum! 8-)
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Thanks for the reply! I never even thought about in the car. I usually keep my firearm in a case when I'm travelling around here. I know the concealed laws are tough. Here in PA you just visit the loacl Sheriff office, get a background check & pay a fee. Takes no more than 15 minutes. Next step will be to find a place to shoot near Georgetown! Thanks again!
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georgie c wrote:i believe if you get fl. you will be covered
True UNTIL he moves to Delaware, then he needs to get Delaware permit.

Also, no OC in Dover
 #86513  by SasquatchAF
First off, Welcome to the forum.

Second, to offer some insight about the florida permit. The Florida permit is both valid and invalid in the state of Delaware. The Florida Non-Resident permit is invalid if you are a Delaware resident and possess a Delaware Drivers License.

If you get a Florida Non-Res permit, it can be valid in Delaware if you maintain an out of state ID. I dont know the particulars of your moving situation or if you still have a house in PA to use for the sort of purpose, but it is a possibility.

Also, a Florida resident permit is valid in Delaware as well. I know it is kind of unusual, but Im active military so I mainitain my Florida residency and license, so my Florida CCW is valid in Delaware.

I also have a personal issue with the idea of putting my name and address in the paper for everyone and their brother to see, which is why I maintain my Florida ID and permit so I dont have to deal with that crap. And our permits are good for 7 years :pbjtime:

If you are moving to Georgetown area, get up with me when you move down here, as I live about 10-15 min from Georgetown and can possibly offer up some info in regards to places to shoot.