#66376  by bmel17
I have tapatalk on my phone. The app updated the other day and I had to resign in. Now it requires me to enter the "code I see below". There is no code.

Any ideas? I tried writing to the contact link but haven't received anything back....
 #66390  by jslacker
Can you just use the back button on your phone to get back to the tapatalk menu? Mine says "this version of product has expired" if I press ok in the dialouge box it closes out the program and directs me to the store, but if I press back on my phone it will let me continue to use it.
 #66412  by bmel17
No it was already updated. I fixed it though myself. I went on my iPad to the Internet site since tapatalk wouldn't work on it either. After I logged on, I had to input a code there as well, I went back to tapatalk and entered my password and it worked. guess it had to be cleared on that first? Odd because my laptop worked just fine