#81342  by MarkRobert
Hello my name is Mark. I am retired from the airforce(1993). I was not aware that DE was an open carry state. My son in law mentioned something about it. It will take a little for me to open carry. If any suggestion are out there please let me know. I have been a member of the NRA for a number of years. Hey hope to hear from you.
 #81346  by MrCoolDale
Welcome aboard!

Open carry can be a scary experience at first. Most of us suggest going with someone else the first time, or make your first time to one of the monthly gatherings. Don't be afraid to ask any questions, we're all here to help.
 #81362  by dave_in_delaware
Welcome, Mark. Glad you found us.

I think I speak for everyone here who has Open Carried. The first time is the hardest, feeling like you have a neon sign over your head. That feeling goes away the more you OC.
 #81369  by viper98
Welcome Mark to deloc.....
 #81371  by Kuntryboy816
Welcome and thank you for your service sir!

I also just started OC a few months back. Basically did a ton of research (mostly here) and just got to it! The more you carry the more comfortable you'll feel.