#82456  by GDSever
Hey. I'm a relatively new gun owner - about 1 1/2 years, and it's taken that long for me to join your forum. To be honest a major contributor was going to a gathering at a friend's house where I encountered a fellow firearms owner. Through subterfuge we figured out what was up, and we got to talking. The conversation started out with a "so what do you think about all this stuff going on" comment, and ultimately degenerated from there.

I say degenerated because he told me about how he sold his "assault weapons" and all the "high capacity magazines" because he didn't wan't to deal with the drama. He also challenged me "You're not one of those Delaware Open Carry guys, are you?".

A month later and a link from Colion Noir later, here I am. Apologies for taking so long to join the community. :-)
 #82462  by Guard_Duck
Welcome to the forums. Did colionnoir post a link to Deloc?
 #82538  by Kuntryboy816
Welcome! I'm pretty new to the forum myself....though not to firearms. There's a meeting coming up in the next week or so. Great opportunity to meet some fellow DELOC members.

Unfortunately I've had a few 'oppinionated' people I know who are lining up on the anti-gun side of the line. I've been going back and forth with a family friend that protests that citizens should not have the firepower that our LEOs or military have. :x I'll never convince him that he's wrong but I'm hoping to at least convince him that I'm right. :troll: