#88498  by SR9
I have been a member and contributor of this site for a year or more and am wondering why do I have to be continually logging on even if it's only been a day or so since I logged on and commented on a subject. I belong to 3 other firearms forums and almost never have to repeatedly relog-on to these sites. Is there a problem with the site or is there someting that can be done to remedy this constant log-on, log-on, log-on. Not trying to be beligerant, but it is annoying. Any cure coming?
 #88500  by astro_wanabe
When you log in there should be a box to check if you want to stay logged in. If you have checked that box and are still having to log in then you probably have a program on your computer that's deleting the site's cookies. Go into the settings for that program and tell it to leave the cookies for this site alone.
 #88504  by whatevah
one silly thing, is your bookmark for "" or "" the forum doesn't like the www. and will make you log in again if you're on the www. site.
 #88559  by SR9
Thanks, I'll "give it a shot".