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Nice to be here.
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I think I replied to you I. Another thread but welcome to the forum! Post up a little about yourself. New to Open Carry? Conceal only? What do you carry if you do...

My names Jeremy and I've been on here for about a year now. Met some good people on here and at some of the monthly gatherings. If you haven't already, get out to one of the monthly meetings and have yourself a good time. If you meet Photog you'll have to chat him up a bit... He's pretty reserved and shy so getting him to talk may take some effort. :troll:

I only just started OC late last year but now I don't know how I ever did w/o before. I carry a FN FortyNine chambered in .40. It's a bigger frame DAO semi auto that fits my big bear paws nicely. I've been around firearms my whole life and plan on passing the same knowledge and love I have for shooting, hunting, and the outdoors to my 2 youngins!