#98704  by NCC
Hi Folks,

I have been hanging out since the end of Feb. I had a bad experience with another intolerant forum in DE so I did not come in with guns blazing, as it were. I would like to say that I like what I see here and I am happy to be here. So much so that I did help with the fund drive towards the end of it.

I live in NCC (DUH!), not far from THE mall, but NOT in Bear it would seem. (You know who you are.) I got back into guns about 20 years ago. Used to shoot in the Army in the 70's, along with everyone else of course. I have a CCDW permit as sometimes it gets (or needs to be!) covered up, better safe than sorry. As for OC, I am glad we have it. While I do not partake I am happy that others can and do so.

Thanks again for making this a nice place to be.
 #98706  by dave_in_delaware
I'm glad you're happy here, and that you joined us.

And thank you for the donation.