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 #53727  by dave_in_delaware
+1,000,000,000,000 on what myopicvisionary and SCUBA9097 said. :applause:
 #53738  by willyb1972020
My fear is we are already to far behind, and wont be able to get the lost ground back. But if we dont :sparring: then we give the what they want. I SAY :sparring: :sparring: :sparring: :sparring: :sparring: :sparring: :sparring: :sparring:
 #53781  by myopicvisionary
NO. I am saying to to counter anti-gun incrementalism by the continued every day carry of our sidearms.
 #53879  by Dr. Eastwood
I cannot abide by someone who would carry simply to provoke others. We're trying to engage the public in meaningful way, doing so with shotguns and rifles slung across our backs isn't one of those ways.

That being said, it's your right to do it and I won't stop you, but don't expect me to stick up for you when you alienate the general public.