Post questions here about open and concealed carry, as well as general law questions.
 #112407  by brich2929
I’m pretty sure I already know that there’s no prohibition on this but I’m just double checking.
 #112408  by NCC
I do not think there is any legal prohibition on this. Nor does it stop some of us with a permit.
 #112419  by dave_in_delaware
I'm not sure if it's prohibited via State Codes, but the casino itself could prohibit firearms (you know, with official looking signs at the doors).
 #112421  by NCC
As I said permit, I meant concealed. Brich did not ask about open carry, but maybe a bad assumption on my part. No one has ever even known that evil mechanical device had entered the premises. Bi-weekly.

It is not prohibited via State Codes anywhere I have read, and I looked very hard at this years ago. And you are correct about the signs, which have no weight in law here in DE, so I did not mention that. We all know the trespass violation if asked to leave and you refuse.

I did reach out to the fella that writes all the state laws and reciprocity between states, here was his response on how that got into the DE slide.

May 23, 2014
The reference that was removed because I had it worded each counties Casino was off limits and one county does not have a Casino. So the wording was changed. As for the Slots being off limits there is a big debate over this and no one has a good answer. I can't find anything in state law or Admin Rules that state firearms are prohibited. Calling the Casino will get you the standard answer No Firearms. No one is really sure but LEO's have told me that and it has been some years back and I can't find anything in my notes about that conversation but was told by a person who is really involved in the RKBA's that they were off limits. Again no one is sure and will err on the side of caution when it comes to this type of info. I should not it that I can't find anything in State Law or the Administrative Rules that make them off limits. Stay Safe, Gary Slider

Having said all that, if you try to open carry there the guard at the door will quite probably deny you access to the venue.

I am not giving anyone advice, merely sharing what I did and do. Not trying to stifle conversation either, if I am wrong please just give me the statue.
 #112955  by SterLekls
Well, it looks like I’ve missed some news in this game. Could you, guys, clarify what are the prohibitions?
 #112958  by Skullface
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