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Hello, just joined the site. I live in PA and have my PA ccw. I also have a Utah non-resident ccw. I frequently travel to Wilmington for meetings and overnight. It would be nice to have my pistol with me. In reading some of the posts here it looks like I can legally carry concealed in DE. However, I am confused on the concealed carry law re in your car. If I have the Utah permit when I am traveling in DE do I have to unconceal the weapon and place in plain view while driving? Thanks in advance for your reply
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No need to unconceal, Utah permit is recognized in Delaware.
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I checked out the" traveler's guide to the firearm laws of the fifty states" and it appears to me del . does recognize Utah , with no stipulation on weather it is res. or non-res. (2014 issue of the guide, unless that just changed) :?:
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There's more info at the link below, but fighting my iPad to copy it wasn't on my to-do list for this morning! ... pons.shtml

The Attorney General is in the process of securing agreements with the appropriate officials in certain other states which when completed, permit persons who have a concealed deadly weapon license or permit issued by one of those states to lawfully possess a concealed deadly weapon while visiting or traveling through Delaware. Similarly, Delawareans will be able to possess a concealed deadly weapon while visiting or traveling through those states. However, as of today Delaware does not recognize the concealed deadly weapon licenses or permits issued by states other than those listed below, and these states do not recognize Delaware's concealed deadly weapons licenses as valid.

















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MikesDuster wrote:So, if you have a CCL in one of those states that is listed, you can CC in Delaware...correct???
Unless you are a Delaware resident. If you live in Delaware (DE license), then you must have a DE CCDW permit.

reference: ... pons.shtml
A Delaware resident must have a valid Delaware permit to carry a concealed deadly weapon. A Delaware resident with a non-resident permit from a reciprocating state cannot carry a concealed deadly weapon in Delaware. A Delaware resident is one who carries or is required to have a Delaware driver’s license and/or is registered to vote in Delaware. If you have any questions concerning residency or the application process, please contact the Attorney General’s Office at (302) 577-8600.
Check that list regularly, it changes at the whim of the AG.