Post questions here about open and concealed carry, as well as general law questions.
 #108481  by Brasil38
Hello everyone, I've been reading some of the posts on here for a few weeks and decided to join the conversation! This is a very informative forum, and has been a great source to learn about the "dos and don'ts" of carrying. I'm not sure if this topic has been covered before.

If the passenger in my vehicle is a felon, or prohibited from possessing a firearm, could I still OC the firearm, say on the dash of the vehicle, or at all within reach of the passenger? Are there certain scenarios to avoid when riding with a felon? I ask because a friend of mine has a felony, and I would like to know the correct way to OC, if there is one.
 #108484  by Kuntryboy816
A similar scenario was recently raised here on this forum. Mainly it will depend upon the condition of his release/parole. He may have restrictions barring him from being near firearms and not just simply owning/possessing them. He will need to sort that out and inform you of such. You cannot be penalized for carrying as you are not prohibited and his presence does not affect your right. If the opposite was true, none of us would be allowed to carry anywhere due to the fact that we're, in all likelihood, brushing shoulders with convicted felons on a daily basis. Maybe I better erase that last or the Anti's will twist that to take away our right! :shock:

Your right may adversely affect his presence though. Hopefully it doesn't ever need to come to that decision though!

BTW.. welcome to the forum! :D