Post questions here about open and concealed carry, as well as general law questions.
 #108964  by whatevah
While at a party over the weekend, some friends tried telling me that I couldn't open carry since I had a CCDW permit (wearing an unloaded single-action army revolver as part of a cowboy costume). Sigh... I tried telling them that there was no law to the effect, but decided to drop the topic. I guess there are still CCDW instructors out there telling folks that they can't OC.

Any idea what part of the law could be misinterpreted to have somebody think that? And, suggestions to use to correct them?
 #108966  by astro_wanabe
It's completely false. Anyone who is not a person prohibited from possessing firearms may OC in DE. At this point, as many times as this has been corrected, I can only assume that the instructor(s) peddling this misinformation are either negligently lacking in their knowledge or willfully lying.
 #108973  by Kuntryboy816
I've had this topic of debate with several people as well. I ask them who they got their information from and every one of them were unable to provide me a credible source or even a name. Usually, I get the, "Well I was told.. I heard from..." Yet, they will still argue the point that they are correct until they're blue in the face (sometimes red in the face :lol: ). I usually end the debate with, "You are 100% incorrect on this subject and you need to research the law instead of taking someone's opinion on the matter, regardless of whether it was your CCDW class instructor or not. You carry how you want to and I will do the same... just carry!" Usually that ends the debate.
 #108974  by GatorDude
There is no law that is being misinterpreted. Rather, the people that actually make these statements are simply making it up.

If you get a handicap parking sticker or license plate, does that mean you can't park in non-handicap spaces? Of course not.

 #108976  by dave_in_delaware
When someone says stupid crap like that I just ask "So when you get your driver's license does that mean you can't walk or ride a bicycle any more?"

I'd like to know who keeps blabbing their ignorance of the law to students.
 #108978  by Amy Blackthorn
The last person I asked said they were told by their instructor and gave the training company's name. These people are blatantly lying to curb a behavior they don't like and making money off of it. This needs to stop.

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 #108981  by David
Heard this story a few times over the years. My father was told the same thing 9 years ago by his instructor.

 #108984  by NormH3
Since there is no law that says people in Delaware can OC, how can there be a law against it. (OK...think about it for a moment) :)