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 #109957  by Tate
Hey guys I recently changed my address here in Delaware I have changed my license to reflect my new address I was wondering if I need to change my address with Pennsylvania as I have a nonresident permit there. I'm also heading to the Poconos this weekend and was wondering if my PA nonresident permit would be good because of the address change and Any help you guys can provide would be amazing thanks guys
 #109968  by Kuntryboy816
I would give them a call and ask them what needs to be done. Logically thinking, I don't think a change of address would void your PA carry license but I'm sure they'd like to have the new info to put in your licensing file. Worst case scenario, if it does render your permit void, just stop in Lancaster on your way up to the Poconos and get a new one.

EDIT: Didn't see your post date before replying... so if you got this squared away, post your findings for others who may potentially run into the same issue. Hope your trip was a good one!

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 #110637  by Starksmoney44
They tell u when u get ur license you have to tell them of a change of address. When it runs out you may not be able to renew if you did not tell them because of failure to notify. but that is up to the judge on the license renewal at that time. When you tell them the address changed it does not void it all they do is change the address on the license so you will have to pick you your new 1 when it gets printed but I would ask .