Post questions here about open and concealed carry, as well as general law questions.
 #111805  by Johngalt87
Hello everyone!

My wife and I are going to be moving to Delaware in the next few from a from the people's republic of new Jersey and frankly I'm excited to finally be able to enjoy my constitutional rights. However I had a question regarding the vehicle aspect of open carry.

While trying to avoid a dashboard mount (rather not drill holes) and finding Velcro never really holds up well in summer sun I'm left with trying to find another option. I'd like to avoid the passenger seat if I can mostly due to the fact that I'd like to still be able to carry when the wife is in the car.

I drive a 2011 Toyota Rav 4. Would mounting it atop The center console/arm rest be a viable option? What about a cup holder holster? Ive read a lot on here and understand the plane view idea. But, if it's on the passenger seat, unless someone is walking by my vehicle and looks in they wouldn't see it Much like another car wouldn't see it at a red light, considering it's a higher up sub. With that in mind the other two options seem just as viable right?

If not I'll bite the bullet and figure out how to put it on the dash in an aesthetically pleasing way. Just looking for other options from those more experienced.

Thank you, for you input!
 #111806  by Owen
I have used automotive Velcro to mount a dash holster on both my vehicles. They have been there just fine for several years. Just clean the dash with alcohol before you apply the adhesive.

I use cheap gray Serpa paddle holsters and cut grind the paddle flat for the base.