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 #112450  by KiaYuki
Ive been in Delaware for over a year now, and Ive been finally getting things in order to apply for my permit. But with the onset of the Covid-19 Outbreak putting in most of the state on a stay at home order; I was wondering what is the likelyhood applying for the permit in these trying times, What can I do, where can I go and what resources can I find? Are there online classes? Is the prothonotary even open?
 #112451  by soundman2345
Newspaper ad can be handled by phone. References can be handled by mail. Call SBI or Troop 2 to find out what they're doing during this time about fingerprints. Photos at Walgreens or Rite Aid. There are no approved online courses for Delaware, but you don't have to take the course until your application has been approved. You can mail everything to the prothonotary. Send originals and copy, keep a copy for your records. Good luck.