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 #57899  by Big Rob
Someone mentioned crossdraw, not very common but very comfortable when sitting for extended periods of time, although most people draw the weapon incorrectly and dangerously it can be done rapidly and safely from either hand. For those that carry strong side the switch will be big and as the other poster mentioned if you go for your weapon the way it used to be or where it used to be you could be in for trouble.
I have worn a cross draw holster on my strong side aka Calvary Style that requires the simply named Calvary Draw to safely present the weapon for use.
To employ the Calvary Draw you bring your strong side hand down along your body and rotate your wrist so your thumb is pointing toward the ground as your arm comes down and ends up pointing behind you, your elbow will have to flex a bit to do this. ( this can be shortened for different positions but learn it this way)

You firmly grasp your weapons grip and pull up! That's right pull up!
As your weapon clears the holster you drive the weapon out while it is upside down and rotate your wrist to right the weapon and bring it up to obtain a sight picture

What most people do is grap the grip and pull their elbow in sweeping their own body with the muzzle before bringing the weapon up to obtain a sight picture.

If you have seen 3:10 To Yuma you have seen it done wrong by the BG, looks good on film but he sweeps himself with BOTH GUNS!

When employed correctly this can be done Cavalary Style or cross draw with the weak hand giving greater range of freedom and valuable options. But with any new equipment practice. Practice and practice again before venturing out.

This is some relatively old school stuff my grandpa showed me while riding and carrying as a young boy that is making a come back as a friend of mine that is a Leo at the fed level was taught this in the last few years